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This application is an application designed to reduce fraud by Account Officers and also to make it easier to obtain a credit rating for prospective customers at PNM. This application can accommodate prospective customer data such as KTP, No.KK, Address which can be validated via an API that is connected to the internal system at PNM. This system is used by hundreds of employees spread across Indonesia. With the offline feature, employees can collect data on potential customers without having to be connected to the internet. When the device is connected to the internet, the system automatically sends data to the server.


    PNM (Permodalan Nasional Madani)

  • YEAR:

    2017 - 2019




PNM is a leading financial institution in increasing added value in a sustainable manner for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives (UMKMK) based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) or Good Corporate Governance.


Lack of supervision and management of Account Officers in the field who fraud prospects / leads and manual credit rating approval processes for prospective customers


Supervising the field using a mobile application system that is carried by each Account Officer in searching for prospective customers by validating their KTP and authentic evidence in the form of photos at the location. The employee also gets valid information from the system about the credit rating of prospective customers quickly obtained from the system analysis results at PNM and BI Checking.

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